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A Whirl of Weather

The weather is the powerful determinant of the character of our vineyard, the region and the wines created and is the inspiration for our label and logo.

The Hill rises to the west of the vineyard forming a backdrop that receives morning’s early light and then is a defining rising horizon line for beautiful evening sunsets. Storms billow up and around, fogs obscure and reveal The Hill.

The weather patterns come from the west and the strong presence of the vast Southern Ocean 50km away, although unseen , creates the conditions so perfect for growing grapes for wine.

This beautiful diverse landscape is illuminated and rejuvenated by constantly changing weather. The moods each day are mercurial, exhilarating and energising; sunshine, showers, fog, rainbows, glowering clouds over the hill, gentle breezes to powerful gusty roaring 40s.

Like all farming, growing vines is about working in the weather and with grapes it is a steady rhythmical.

Pruning is a job for late winter. It is cold, typically wet and we work long hours with bare canes requiring careful focus and intention on each vine. Showers can blow in and be drenching with freezing wind, then the sun comes out and it is warm, meditative, satisfying work.

Budburst in Spring is exciting: vibrant lime green that seems to colour the air around the vines.

Care of the vines during the growth of the grapes in Summer is efficient and mechanized.

Picking in late Summer is; a careful wait, look, test, wait, scare away birds, confer with wine maker, plan and imagine the taste of the wine, pencil expected volumes and suddenly get the pickers in. Long, hot, dry, late summer days, beautiful skies and thirsty, busy work.

Deliver the grapes for the crush, then let the sheep in for Autumn and open a bottle of last year’s vintage, feet up and plan for next year’s crop.